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Project Lead
Sarah Williams
Laura Kurgan

Research Associate
Caspar Lam

Research Assistant
Greta Byrum

Support from
Guggenheim Museum


In a "city that never sleeps," how do New Yorkers escape, find respite, and make alternate use of their spaces? While at the Spatial Innovation Design Lab, Sarah Williams and her team joined the Guggenheim Museum for StillspottingNYC, a quiet and poetic project that takes the Guggenheim out of the Museum and into New York's urban landscape to highlight unusual sources of silence in a space inhabited by more than 8.3 million residents.

Working with Williams and Laura Kurgan, an interdisciplinary group of graduate students investigated the concept of "stillness" in a fast-moving city and found ways to visualize data about stillness and silence, as well as noise and commotion.

This workshop/seminar class was a testing ground for the Guggeheim exhibition.