Project Lead
Sarah Williams

Research Assistant
Alicia Rouault

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Jaap de Maat & Sion Fletcher Melissa Kim & Andreas Koller Lucy Nurnberg
Socket Studios
Projekttriangle Design Studio Erin Aigner
Eric Fisher
Kirk Goldsberry
Richard Johnson
Gilad Lotan

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To an international audience America can sometimes be viewed as a country of competing opposites - East vs West, Democrat vs Republican, Romney vs Obama, religious vs secular, rich vs poor - but things are never that simple. The Mapping America exhibition illustrated the complexity of the American election and electorate through a collection of infographics based on 2012 election data. Who was actually voting in the election? What were their concerns? And how were issues such as race, the economy, employment, education and religion affecting the vote?

Sarah Williams curated the exhibition with KesselsKramer, a graphic design firm based in Amsterdam, with an office in London. The exhibition premiered November 7, 2012 at the KK Outlet gallery in London. Williams selected artists that use infographics developed by artists and cartographers from MIT, Harvard, and the New York Times as well as American and European creative studios to discuss American political issues. She also developed data visualizations to explain the United States electoral system, including cartograms showing the Democratic versus Republican votes since 1968. The cartograms highlighted the divide in American politics while also explaining the impact of the electoral college on election results.

Mapping America, opening November 6 at KKOutlet Gallery (East London), cuts through the biased and often confusing media coverage of the 2012 American Presidential election to simply look at the facts.

Exhibition ran 7 – 24 November, 2012.

Sites such as Foursquare and Facebook allow us to spatially mark our explorations in the city, creating rich databases of our interactions.
Users of Foursquare added their own places everything from “John’s batcave” to “it’s creepy you are in my apartment” as distinct location.
Get it Louder, Beijing, China, 2012

︎︎︎ We-Heart, 2012
︎︎︎ Port Magazine, 2012
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“Mapping America”, KKOutlet Gallery, Nov 7– 24, 2012