BenchMark at HUBweek

October 15, 2017
On October 12, the Civic Data Design Lab once again shared its Benchmark Project with the Greater Boston community, this time setting up at HUBweek, the week-long festival that takes place on the steps of Boston’s City Hall.  Started in 2014, the festival celebrates civic technology and promotes a collaborative innovation ecosystem that seeks to improve quality of life in Boston and around the world.

In conjunction with the MIT Campaign for a Better World, the Civic Data Design Lab set up its Benchmark project alongside a variety of other cutting edge technologies that demonstrate the ways in which MIT is driving forward innovation in the service of better cities and societies.  HUBweek and MIT invited the CDDL to participate because Benchmark’s mission and impact resonate with the festival’s “focus on making life better and improving the human condition at both a local and global level.”

BenchMark is a collaborative project between the Gehl Institute and MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab.  The project's moveable benches are embedded with sensors that collect data about their surrounding environments and provide insight into how people interact within the urban landscape. Ultimately, the goal is to equip decision makers with qualitative and quantitative tools to improve public spaces for all.